Product Information

The following products are FDA cleared for In-vitro Diagnostic use in U.S. Laboratories.

The Viramed Borrelia B31 ViraStripe Lyme confirmatory assays conform to criteria as defined by the CDC. These products are a  direct replacement for all Lyme Western blot products.

Borrelia B31 ViraStripe:

Borrelia burgdorferi IgG Testing

​V-BBSGUS       50 Determinations

V-BBSGDS       500 Determinations

Borrelia burdorferi IgM Testing

V-BBSMUS      50 Determinations

​V-BBSMDS      500 Determinations

Controls and Reagents (For VIraStripe Use)

V-BBSGPK Borrelia IgG Positive Control

V-BBSMPK Borrelia IgM Positive Control

V-BBSGCO Borrelia Cut-off Control

V-BBSMCO Borrelia Cut-off Control

V-BBSPNK Borrelia Negative Control